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The End User’s Opportunity

The budget for your new facility has been decided upon.

The Problem: Your budget, for the audio gear you need to pull off the sophisticated requirements of your system, is $50,000 short and your equipment drop list is getting long. What to do?

The Answer: Reduce the cost of the infrastructure required to install the sound system, by eliminating miles of audio cable pulled through high cost conduit. A huge percentage of your money is in this installation and infrastructure. All that money tied up in pipe and wire under the floor, when it could be used for a better sounding system. Do not skimp on the components or capabilities you need!

“I don’t understand!” Do not be intimidated by the complexity of sound systems. Let us call the old way analog and the new way digital. Analog sounds great (except for the occasional hums, buzzes and crackles) and is reliable to a fault.

Analog, however, does not have the flexibility needed by the technical crew to pull off the set ups demanded by intricate programs, especially if the performance is being recorded, sent to multiple rooms, or up-linked to a satellite for broadcast.

In a large auditorium, the Momentum Digital Snake System can save up to $100,000 in infrastructure costs (wire, connectors, conduit and labor). It vastly simplifies routing of signals throughout the facility, keeping the same great sound as it gets rid of the problems. Momentum also gives back lots of cash that you need to spend on audio gear, not on steel pipe under the floor.

Need some help sorting all this out? If you would like to bounce this off someone, call the Momentum Team at 888-253-7360. Find out how Momentum can offer you possibilities, not problems.

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