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The Contractor’s Option

The physical installation of the cabling for a permanent sound system had reached a crossroads. For the past 50 years, the industry has been pulling miles of 291, 8451, or whatever flavor you use in code-required conduct to get the various audio signals to wherever they need to be in an installation.

Once the wire has been pulled, the soldering of XLR connectors and subsequent terminations, such as panels, wall plates, and floor pockets, combined with the installation of transformer-isolated microphone splitters and patch bays can take days if not weeks to finish. This archaic method of installation costs you, and your clients, a fortune.

Enter the age of the digital audio snake. With Momentum, sends and returns are all on CAT6 cable, capable of 256 microphone/line level inputs and virtually unlimited outputs. The Momentum network is simply CAT6 cable installed throughout the facility to as many RJ45 jacks as necessary to wire the entire building. The network uses a “star” configuration, and utilizes standard Gigabit Ethernet switches, not overpriced proprietary components.

The multicast system eliminates physical patching and splitting. Outputs can be connected to the sound system’s various components, and utilize any of the input signals on the network. Record splits, alternate mix locations, monitors and the like are easily configured by adding outputs to the network.

  • Expandable from 8 inputs to 256 inputs
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Requires no computer unless your customer just has to have one
  • Makes you as much or more profit than the traditional way
  • Needs less costly labor to install or at least fewer hours of it
  • Is easier to troubleshoot because is has about 90% less parts to solder
  • Costs your customers way less money than the old way

Talk to someone on the Momentum Team at 888-253-7360. Learn about how Momentum provides possibilities, not problems.

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