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A Consultant’s Conundrum

Consultants are continually challenged by clients to design systems that are more versatile, more capable and less complicated. Eliminating costly labor and infrastructure, Momentum makes this possible.

Momentum can handle 256 inputs and send any of them to an unlimited number of either analog or digital outputs. There is no need for microphone splitters or patch bays. All of their functions are performed within Momentum’s software. Texas Instruments, Burr-Brown pre amps, coupled with Cirrus Logic A/D/A converters, sound just like they should – like analog audio without the hums, buzzes and crackles.

The tough choice for an audio consultant is: “Do I spec a traditional system just like the ones I have done countless times before, the ones that I know work, limited as they may be, or, do I spec a new Momentum system which will cost my client less money, give them more money to spend on desperately needed audio gear and at the same time provide them with the flexibility and options they do or will need for their performance and growth needs?”

Contact us to discuss how Momentum provides possibilities, not problems. Call the Momentum Team at 888-253-7360.

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