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The Architect’s Quandary

We know that your clients are pressuring you to reduce the cost of infrastructure in your facilities, especially churches.

Wiring a facility’s sound system has basically remained the same for 50 years, but the costs have risen so much that they are ridiculously expensive. Cost of wire has skyrocketed, labor is running at least $65.00 an hour to solder on the audio connectors and the cost of running the required 3” and 4” steel conduit by the IBEW to meet code is in the neighborhood of $140.00 per running foot.

Momentum is designed to eliminate most of these infrastructure costs and replace them with CAT6 cable in 1” conduit (or often times in no conduit, depending on local codes). Momentum cuts labor and material costs and allows the facility to use the “saved money” for things they need instead of 500’ of conduit hidden in the floor. The pipe adds significant costs and your client receives absolutely no benefit from this archaic method of installation. This large conduit also impacts design; Momentum’s low profile design does not get in the way of high profile architectural features.

Momentum digital audio sounds as good as analog audio without the hums and buzzes to deal with, allows the facility’s technical crew to provide more sophisticated programs to its audience, is unconditionally guaranteed for five years, any excuse, even abuse and costs between 20% and 40% less than the traditional method of installation.

Momentum provides possibilities, not problems. Save your clients a fortune and provide them with more of what they really want. For more information call the Momentum Team at 888-253-7360.

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Momentum System Diagrams
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