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Pro Co Momentum Blog - Stardate 03.28.07 From Analog to CAT-lyst to Momentum!
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Stardate 03.28.07 From Analog to CAT-lyst to Momentum! 
Wednesday, March 28, 2007, 03:55 PM
Since 1979, Pro Co has been a plumber to the audio trades. Beginning about five years ago, our contractors started asking us to get soldering out of the field. Soldering is tremendously time-consuming, and the base of skilled craftsmen that do it is shrinking and getting more costly. The resulting copper backbone ends up being very expensive, especially when we add in the cost of the 3”– 4” conduit required by local building codes to enclose the audio cabling from one point to another. It’s almost totally inflexible, and a dead-end street if the facility needs to be added-on to, enlarged or relocated. It was the best the old school had to offer.

CAT-alyst began life as a solution to in-field soldering, designed to eliminate 95% of all audio wiring on any performance stage. CAT-alyst, as it turns out, wasn't the answer. However it was the path!

Why move from CAT-alyst to Momentum?

CAT-alyst does everything we hoped it would do. As our first entry into the digital snake market, it provided installers with an easier way to wire the audio portion of the sound system, cutting huge material and labor costs out of their installations.

CAT-alyst had two major flaws. It was costly and it was too complicated (because of its almost infinite flexibility) for the end user to ever feel comfortable learning to use it.

Momentum, our second generation digital snake, was much better thought out. It is about 30% less costly than CAT-alyst, depending on its configuration. There is little to no training involved (although some explanation of routing is necessary). It is also expandable from 8 channels to 256 channels in groups of 8 channels.

Momentum also runs at 100Mbps or Gigabit (10 times faster than 100Mbps), and runs on CAT5e, CAT6 or fiber optic cables. As simple as CAT-alyst was to install, Momentum is much easier.

Momentum is the answer. Actually, Momentum makes the answer YES!
Is it expandable? YES!
Is it flexible? YES!
Does it work with Cobranet? Can I use Phoenix connectors? What about Fiber? YES! YES!! YES!!!

Momentum is the second generation Digital Snake System that creates possibilities not problems. With all the options, flexibility and expandability Momentum can not only be the “answer”, it can make the “answer” YES!

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Momentum Advertising 
Tuesday, March 27, 2007, 12:34 PM
Pro Co Sound is spreading the word about the Momentum Digital Snake System in industry and trade publications. Pick up the April issue of Sound & Communications to view the latest ad.
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Momentum Takes the Stage at NSCA 
Thursday, March 15, 2007, 08:22 PM
The Momentum Digital Snake System took center stage at the 2007 NSCA Expo in Orlando, Florida. Momentum is the second generation digital snake system from Pro Co Sound. The wireless mrc a.k.a the "Tweak" stole show with its the DSP mix engine and In Ear Monitor. Show attendees were treated to in depth discussion on Momentum from Charlie Wicks, Les Batts, Thom Dukesherer and Scott Bertch. The booth also featured information on Pro Co's traditional product line. Check out photos of Momentum at NSCA.
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Momentum Roll Out 
Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 01:26 PM
Pro Co Sound unveiled their Momentum Digital Snake System to 2 packed houses of representatives today at a pre-NSCA roll out session in Orlando, Florida. Reps were treated to a sneak preview prior to the show. The roll out session included an introduction to the product by Thom Dukesherer. Questions were fielded by Charlie Wicks, Les Batts and Scott Bertch. Check out photos of the roll our session.
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