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Why Digital?

Imagine the possibilities...

Momentum is a new use for a proven technology—Gigabit Ethernet. It is cheaper, faster, easier and better than any current analog system you might be considering.

Consider this when you install a Momentum Digital Snake System:

  • The costs for wire and connectors go down
  • There is no need for mic splitters, patch bays and miles of analog cable
  • User friendly interface that delivers up to 256 input channels of clean, reliable digital audio anywhere on the network
  • Technical crews get versatility and flexibility in the facilities wiring that they need – making production changeovers hassle free, with the patch bay provided in the software
  • Unlike analog audio systems, a digital snake can be moved to another facility inexpensively. It is easy to install, and just as easy to remove – your investment can move with you.

Momentum simplifies your sound system wiring, enhancing its expandability eight input channels at a time allowing your system to grow as your facility grows. With Momentum’s optional features such as digital conversion, third party control options, and the availability of an optional DSP mix engine, Momentum stands out as one of the most versatile digital snake systems on the market today.

Momentum is a new way to do something very basic and essential for any audio system by adapting a totally different, proven technology. The result is more efficient workflow for less money