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Momentum mo8me
Mix Engine


Balanced line-level Output
Male XLR connectors
48K sampling
Signal/Clip LED indicators for each output
Front mounted control panel
Gigabit Ethernet Architecture
Power Over Ethernet
Available with rack mount kit or optional
stage boots
Mixes any 32 inputs from network
Capable of 8 mono or 4 stereo mixes
Input and Output EQ
“Tweak” mixes wirelessly with the mrc
(momentum remote control)



The Momentum mo8me is the DSP based mix engine component of Pro Co’s digital snake system. It utilizes 32 network inputs with 3 band EQ and HPF (high pass filter). Output mixes can be mono or stereo and include 3 band EQ and panning control. The mo8me is suitable for numerous tasks such as personal monitor mixing and distributed audio systems.

Gigabit Ethernet is standard on all Momentum audio products and all components are Power Over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af compatible.

All DSP functions are controlled by the “Tweak”, a wireless user interface, or PC software. A full compliment of options are available to ensure that Momentum can integrate into your system configuration.

Equally at home in your studio rack or on a live stage, the mo8me is the next step to building your Momentum Digital Snake System.



Fiber optic Ethernet interface
Can be added to any mi8 or mo8/me unit

Contractor package rear panel
Adds “Phoenix” connectors and a “DB 25”
paralleled to the front panel connectors
Can be added to any mi8 or mo8/me unit



Output Module: mo8me

Resolution: 24 bit, 48 kHz
Output Impedance: 300-600 ohms, balanced
Output Level: +7dBu
Dynamic Range: 110dB, minimum
Crosstalk: <-100dB at 1 kHz
Frequency Response: 20-20kHz, +/-0.05dB
Wireless Range: 300’ Indoor
Wireless Frequency ISM: 2.4GHz

Network Specifications

Standard Gigabit Ethernet Protocol (100 meters maximum distance)
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af Compatible (50 meters max distance)
Up to 256 total active system inputs at 48K or 96K
Onboard memory and programming
0.315 ms A/A latency 96K sampling (no DSP)
0.630 ms A/A latency 48K sampling (no DSP)
1.00 ms A/A latency 48K sampling (with DSP)
Open UDP Ethernet communication for 3rd party control




PDFMomentum mo8me