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Scott Bertch Appointed Momentum Project Manager

Last Modified: 01/17/2011

Pro Co Sound has appointed Scott Bertch to the position of Momentum Project Manager.  Effective immediately, he will assume responsibility for all aspects of design, setup, configuring, and maintaining the Pro Co Sound Momentum digital distribution system.  In addition Scott will be responsible for maximizing the sales, pricing, promotion, profitability, and distribution of Momentum.

“We are very pleased to have Scott in this position,” says Deb Stephenson, President of Pro Co Sound.  “His past sales and manufacturing experience are valuable assets in his new position.   I am confident his abilities will help Pro Co become an even better-performing company.”

Scott has been part of the Pro Co Sound team for 6 years working on the continuous development of Momentum, AutoCAD design, quoting plates and panels, and aiding in our metal manufacturing process.  Scott can be reached at, 800-253-7360 ext.120, and by cell at 269-720-1811.

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