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Momentum Digital Mix Engine

The Momentum Digital Mix Engine is “Ears” the way they should work, and the way they should sound!

Take the Stage, and do it without the wires. The “Tweak” controls 8 mono or 4 stereo mixes wirelessly from anywhere up to three hundred feet.

Momentum now gives you the ability to mix up to 32 channels.  Gone are the days of giving up the channels you want, because your personal monitor mix system only gives you the ability to mix 16 of them.

Change Your Mix, and More with SamePage

SamePage, your Digital Music Stand and Personal Monitor Mixer. Now with the interface to Pro Co’s Momentum personal monitor mix system, you can mix your personal sound directly from a 19" touch screen while viewing your music at the same time. SamePage & Momentum provide 32 channel mixing, EQ per channel, presets per song, and much more...


- 32 Channel Mixing
- 48k Sampling
- 3 Band EQ per channel
- Mono or Stereo Output
- Unlimited number of presets



mo8me + mrc

PDFMomentum mo8me

PDFMomentum mrc

PDFMomentum as Ears, a Personal Monitor System

PDFSamePage and Momentum Wireless

PDFSamePage and Momentum Wired