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Does the Competition Stack Up?

Standard Gigabit Ethernet Architecture - Gives you up to 256 inputs and almost limitless outputs all using standard network switches, not high priced proprietary equipment.

PoE compatible - Allows you to power any remote unit from the network switch, alleviating the necessity for wall warts.

8 Channel Modularity
- Gives you the option of starting small and growing, or starting big and getting bigger! Also each unit can be rack mounted or set up for stage box use; giving you the flexibility you need without paying a premium for it!

.315 ms Latency - So fast you won’t notice. Just for reference, cut a second into 1000 pieces. Now cut all of those pieces in thirds. That is .315 milliseconds. So fast you won’t notice.

DSP Mix Engine with Wireless Remote Control - This is the perfect way to add a personal monitor system or distribute audio in your facility. The integrated DSP uses 32 inputs and mixes them down to 8 mono or 4 stereo outputs. Control is a snap with the “Tweak”, the wireless controller that makes it easy to adjust each mix from up to 300 feet away!

Fiber Optic Ethernet Option - Fiber optics allow the longer runs that are required to pull off recording, broadcast and facility wiring, all in one system.

Contractor Panel Option - Install contractors can use Phoenix and DB25 connectors to simplify field connections.       

Software Based “Patchbay” - Eliminate the weakest link in a complicated system by patching on the wire. Software patching, in real time, allows you to send any input to any output without noisy patchbays using simple point and click graphics.

Professional Grade Components - Burr Brown pre amps from Texas Instruments and Cirrus Logic A/D/A converters will sound like analog with out the noise and filtering from traditional wiring.