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mTweak App Upgraded for Apple iPad

mTweak App NOW AVAILABLE through the Apple iTunes App Store for ONLY $0.99!



mTweak, Pro Co's iPhone/iPod Touch App to complement the Momentum mo8me personal monitor mixer, is now upgraded for use with the Apple iPad. 

With the mTweak app, your iPhone becomes the handheld wireless interface to “tweak” your personal monitor mix.  With it, you can control your mix, and make all the settings for the Momentum™ mo8me mix system right from your iPhone or iPod touch.  Multiple mTweaks can be used at the same time, so anyone using the mo8me can tweak their mix as they perform. 

Once you download and install the mTweak App you will be able to enjoy the following features


  • mix up to 32 network inputs
  • instant access to all 32 channels
  • control multiple channels at once
  • solo or individually mute each input channel
  • channel mute indicator light
  • mixer and edit channel functions now an same screen (iPad)
  • channel routing control
  • automatically adjusts to landscape or portrait view
  • control channel volume, 3-band EQ and panning
  • 16 memory slots to "snapshot" your mix
  • any mix in any mo8me on the network can be accessed
  • password protection


The app also allows for programmable I.D and lock out functions and once you set your favorite mix you can save it to one of the16 instant recall memory locations.

The Momentum™ mo8me is the DSP-based mix engine component of Pro Co’s digital audio distribution network. It utilizes 32 network inputs with 3 band EQ and HPF (high pass filter). Output mixes can be mono or stereo and include 3 band EQ and panning control. Gigabit Ethernet is standard on all Momentum™ audio products and all components are Power Over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af compliant. All DSP functions are controlled by the “Tweak” (a wireless user interface), PC software, or the new mTweak App.
The Momentum™ Digital Audio Distribution Network is designed to replace traditional analog audio wiring anywhere audio distribution is needed. By capturing audio at the source, converting it to digital audio and distributing it over a standard Ethernet network, difficulties in executing the increasingly complicated audio systems of today can be simplified. By reducing the amount of field terminations, installation becomes less time consuming. Texas Instrument, Burr Brown mic preamps and Cirrus Logic digital converters provide a platform that is as close to analog as possible without the inherent problems that are associated with traditional wiring.

Flexibility and expandability are enhanced through the use of eight channel modules for both inputs and outputs. Signal routing becomes as easy as clicking a button. You can place inputs and outputs anywhere the network. Also digital interfaces are available for seamless system integration into many of the major brand formats.

PDF Icon mTweak set up White Paper

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